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    Laminating Film

    Crystal clear laminating film provides additional surface protection and enhances label appearances. 
    Moderate adhesion and good flexibility. 
    Offering protection against abrasion, fading and moisture. 
    Glossy and matte types are available.
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    Art Paper Label

    Art paper label offers excellent printability for a wide range of application purposes with smooth and even printing surface.
    Displays great stamping and shearing characteristics. 
    Products can be applied by manual labeling or automatic labeling machine. 
    Removable art paper labels are available.
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    Antiviral Tape

    Stick it on to protect against viruses!
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    PVC Label

    PVC label offers excellent printability and flexibility with seamless surface coverage. 
    Great wear resistance and tear resistance. 
    Excellent hardness of the material is great for additional shape forming process after printing. 
    With the advantages of being resistant to oil/chemical, it is suitable for outdoor advertisement and automobile decorative labeling.
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    Synthetic Paper Label

    Recyclable material with great resistance to moisture and tear; widely used on consumer products to emphasize quality appeal. 
    Excellent surface coverage and stiffness, ideal for a variety of flat substrate surfaces.
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    Thermal Sensitive Label

    Smooth printing surface with thermal sensitive coating; designed to meet different application demands and industries. 
    Provides durability and resistance to print head wear; sharp and precise printing to result in excellent image density.
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    PET Label

    Polyester label has great ink receptibility with excellent strength, stiffness, and resistance to oil, temperatures and tearing. 
    Excellent choice for electronics and electrical appliances labeling 
    UL certified products are available upon request.
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    Polyester tape (PET Tape) is composed of high performance plastic film with silicone or acrylic based adhesive, applicable for a wide range of application. Polyester film is an excellent material that can be used under different environmental conditions. Good temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and solvent resistance. UL certified, halogen-free products are also available.
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    Our self-developed paper masking tapes are composed with paper backings and temperature resistant pressure sensitive adhesive. With excellent adhesion and great conformability on uneven surfaces and sharp corners, they provide clean paint lines and leave no residue upon removal. Excellent choice for patching, protecting, fastening, and masking purposes.
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    Packaging tape is one of the most commonly seen and used adhesive tapes. It is made of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film combined with emulsion or solvent based adhesives. Products are available in transparent or ultra-transparent types. Besides, design or company logo can be printed on inner core surface for advertising purposes as patterns remain visible through the crystal clear film used on our ultra-transparent tapes.
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    With hot stamping foil, a specially cut metal die is used to apply a thin film of foil in a specific pattern (or as text) to the label through heat and pressure. Hot stamping foils can be used to a wide range of substrates and surfaces. Widely used in the food packing label, wine box label, the cosmetic box, greeting card, the industrial art and so on.
    Hot stamping foil has the following benefits

    • High gloss
    • Good coverage
    • Excellent edge-sharpness
    • Applicable on a wide range of surfaces
    • Suitable for very rough surfaces
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    Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA), also known as Hot Melt Glue (HMG) is a 100% solid thermoplastic resin that liquefy when heated. When it cools, hardens on surfaces, it can bond two non-porous materials within seconds. It contains no solvents, no water, so it is eco-friendly and won’t be moldy. It is a form of thermoplastic adhesive that is commonly sold as solid cylindrical sticks of various diameters designed to be applied using a hot glue gun or kinds of applications.

    Characteristic: Hot melt Adhesive for following applications:
    1. Carton Closing
    2. Straw Attachment
    3. Can Labeling
    4. Labeling
    5. Soap Wrapping
    6. Glue Stick
    7. Glue Gun
    8. Book Binding