Founded in 2019, Nitsuki Co., Ltd. (Nitsuki) has committed as one of the reliable business suppliers in Plastics, printing & Packaging materials to our valued customers. Global industry supply chains are experiencing a rapid change and challenge from globalization regionalization. The Covid-19 has precipitated a sharp contraction in global supply chain with many of our business partners struggling against headwinds on both supply and demand side of the market. Nistuki continues to rely and build on our strengths and expertise, becoming more flexible and adaptable to meet global demands. Our strong corporate culture of professionalism, teamwork, customer service and innovation is the essence which drives Nitsuki ahead of our competition, and which we believe is the key to succeed as your long term and reliable business partner. We believe in not only producing highest quality products but also providing excellent service and timely deliveries in order to meet the complete packaging needs of our valued customers. Servicing the customers with ultimate satisfaction and excellence.